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vendredi 17 mai 2019

[100% Free] Learning & Programming Numerical Methods in EXCEL/VBA

[100% Free] Learning & Programming Numerical Methods in EXCEL/VBA

Learn the workings of the most common numerical methods and a step by step process on how to program each of them

What you'll learn

  • Program using VBA Programming Language
  • Approximate functions using Taylor series expansions
  • Approximate derivatives using conventional and high accuracy formulas
  • Approximate integrals using Trapezoidal rule, Simpson's 1/3 rule and Romberg integration
  • Find roots of equations using bisection, False position, newton Raphson and secant methods
  • Find analytically the optimum min and max of a function
  • Solve Ordinary differential Equations using Runge Kutta Methods (i.e. Euler, Heun's, Midpoint and Ralston Methods in addition to fourth order Runge Kutta Method)
  • Find numerically the optimum min and max using Golden section Search method, newton Raphson Technique and finally the gradient decent/ascent method
  • Solve Systems of Equations using Gauss elimination, Gauss Jordan and LU Decomposition and generate inverse matrices
  • Perform curve fitting using regression analysis including linear and polynomial regression in addition to linearization for fitting more complex functions
  • Perform curve fitting using Cubic Spline

This course includes

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 27 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

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