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mardi 9 avril 2019

[100% Off] Definitive Guide to Master SEO With Completely Free Tools| Worth 99,99$

[100% Off] Definitive Guide to Master SEO With Completely Free Tools| Worth 99,99$

Learn SEO from the ground up without paying for any software or hiring any SEO specialists

What you'll learn

  • Understand SEO and how a search engine like Google works.
  • Create a sitemap for your website and how to submit to Google.
  • Understand long and short tail keywords and how to use them.
  • Find the best keywords for your website using the free Google keyword planner.
  • Use two most popular premium-quality WordPress themes in the world.
  • Know the factors that influence the ranking of your website on Google search results.
  • Able to implement SEO best practices for your website.
  • Understand the different domain factors that affect your website ranking.
  • Know if you should include or not include a keyword in your domain name or subdomain.
  • Discover if top-level domain (tld) influences your website ranking.
  • Understand the effect of having public and private whois information on SEO.
  • Know if the age of a domain name or its history affects ranking.
  • Know the factor that country top-level domain (tld) has on SEO.
  • Know where to place keyword on a webpage strategically.
  • Discover how to create your content title, URL and meta tags.
  • Understand how you should write your webpage content to rank high.
  • Know how to use images on your webpage for SEO purposes.
  • Discover the right SEO technique to add links on your webpage.
  • Know how to add SSL certificate on your website.
  • Understand what TrustRank is and how it ranks your website.
  • Discover if website loading speed influences your website ranking.
  • Know the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.
  • Discover how to verify the ownership of your website with Google Search Console tool.
  • Know how to create backlinks with proper anchor text and keywords.
  • Discover the effectiveness of backlinks from different types of websites like Wikipedia, authority websites, press release sites, directories and more.
  • Understand the effectiveness of backlinks from sponsored ads, press release sites, directory sites, bookmarking sites and more.
  • Discover the influence social sharing has on your website ranking.
  • Know the ways to guest post on other relevant sites to link back to yours.
  • Know what website traffic data could influence website ranking.
  • Learn the use of Google Analytics to measure website traffic.
  • Discover if click thru rate (CTR) from search results could be an SEO ranking factor.

This course includes

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

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