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[100% Off] The Memory Techniques Course (with practical examples)|Worth 200$

[100% Off] The Memory Techniques Course (with practical examples)|Worth 200$


** WELCOME TO THE MEMORY TECHNIQUES COURSE- Learn the Memory Experts Techniques That Will Change Your Life **

    This course is the first part of the series "The Memory Techniques Course" and includes the Basic Mnemonic Systems.

      It will be continued with the second part, dedicated to the Advanced Mnemonic Systems.

      If you want to go further and learn advanced memory techniques used by memory athletes in competitions, I recommend the second part of this course as the next step.

     The second part, dedicated to those who want to continue on the path towards memory improvement, will be available soon after the release of this course.

What is the challenge of this course?

    In the first place, I want to make you understand what memory improvement is about, and see for yourself just how simple and handy this skill is!

    After you understand how it works, and I guarantee that you'll understand it after watching this course, improving your memory will be just a matter of consistency and practice.

    In this course, you will find simple techniques that you can apply in your daily life, that can ensure your success in different situations that you face everyday:

  • The Acronym Method ,which has two variants: “The Acronym Mnemonic Technique“ and “The Sentence Method”.
  • The Link System with the variants: "The Chain Link Method" and "The Story Method".
  • The Location Method (Loci), where you will learn “The Roman Room Technique" and  " The Journey Technique".

    Next, you will discover "The PEG System"  and the most important techniques of this kind:

  • The Alphabet Method;
  • The Number Shape Method;
  • The Number Rhyme Method;
  • The Body Parts Method;
  • and The Major System.

    Finally, you will find some other simple memory techniques, that can help you to memorize more effectively: The Sound Alike Method, Rhymes and Jingles, The Sing-a-Long Method and Mind Maps.

    Each method and technique is explained in detail and with a lot of examples.

    You will also learn tips and tricks from the memory experts, to help you memorize more effectively.


All published lectures have been captioned. Students will now see the ‘CC’ icon for English (US) on this course landing page.

The subtitles of this course, automatically generated by the Udemy platform, have been corrected by the instructor so that they can be used by the students.

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