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[100% Off] Advanced Memory Techniques Course (the WMC Challenge)| Worth 200$

[100% Off] Advanced Memory Techniques Course (the WMC Challenge)| Worth 200$


** WELCOME TO THE ADVANCED MEMORY TECHNIQUES COURSE- Learn the Memory Experts Techniques That Will Change Your Life **

    This course is the second course of the series "The Memory Techniques Course" and includes the Advanced Mnemonic Systems.

What is the challenge of this course?

After creating my first course,dedicated to the Basic Memory Techniques( which is also available on Udemy), I noticed a great interest in this topic, so I brought now the second course, dedicated to the advanced memory techniques used by memory athletes in competitions.

In this course, you will find simple but powerful memory techniques that you can apply in your daily life, that can ensure your success in different situations that you face everyday.

These techniques can become your new mnemonic nuclear arsenal that will help you:

  • to memorize short, medium or very long numbers, including binary numbers;
  • to remember people’s names and faces;
  • to remember the dates for appointments , birthdays, anniversaries;
  • to memorize the exact order of one or more complete packs of cards ;
  • to memorize random abstract images or entire lists of random words.

    Each method and technique is explained in detail and with a lot of examples.

    You will also learn tips and tricks from the memory experts, to help you memorize more effectively.

     I'm sure you will love this course!


All published lectures have been captioned. Students will now see the ‘CC’ icon for English (US) on this course landing page.

The subtitles of this course, automatically generated by the Udemy platform, have been corrected by the instructor so that they can be used by the students.

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