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vendredi 27 janvier 2017

[100% Off] Be Inspired: Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet| Worth 100$

[100% Off] Be Inspired: Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet| Worth 100$

Course Description

Do you have an inkling that this year... and your life... could be more inspired?

But fear, self-doubt, busyness and life get in the way?

We hear you!

Make this your best year yet.

Join us for the BE INSPIRED workshop today.

BE INSPIRED is a 10 part workshop bringing the science of happiness to your life. This transformative workshop uses the most compelling ideas and tools in psychology today, to help you:

- Get clear on where you're heading this year

- Create a roadmap for the most productive and inspired year of your life

- Start taking action to turn your big ideas into your reality

- Let go of the fear and self-doubt that hold you back

- Free yourself from others’ expectations

- Create a sense of personal meaning, purpose and direction

- Create balance and positivity from the inside out

BE INSPIRED is created and delivered by Clinical Psychologists Dr Kass Sarll and Dr Alicia Franklin. We've designed the workshop to be fun, creative, educational and a 'fork in the road' kind of experience.

By taking this workshop you'll join the many people who have completed the course before who have experienced wonderful benefits in their own lives - starting new businesses, leaving old uninspired careers, moving overseas and enjoying greater happiness and personal freedom.

If you're consciously seeking to enrich your life... you're in the right place!

Take some time (just for you)... before the year runs away to reflect, renew and reignite.

We can't wait to see you there.

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