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jeudi 30 mars 2017

[83% Off] Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects| Worth 60$

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[83% Off] Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects| Worth 60$


Bootstrap is the world's most popular mobile ready web development framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap is for you if you want to quickly build a super cool website which work across devices and browsers. It is easy to learn and super powerful.

We have bought together all the best practices of building bootstrap sites into an unique project based course which will teach you all the nuances of web development while building real world bootstrap projects. The projects cover generic development process and are diverse enough to cover a very wide variety of websites. The projects covered in the course are

Photo App Sales Website : A simple project to get you started. It will help you quickly master the basic bootstrap structures and you will be quickly up and running on your first bootstrap website.

Portfolio Resume using SASS - Learn to use SASS along with Bootstrap for this next project. Learn about Grid Systems, List Styling and Progress Bar Components in this course.

Social Network Template - This will be a fairly complex project with multiple bootstrap components. You will learn about Nested grids, Button Groups, Gallery plugin and Responsive Media Queries.

Agency Landing page - This project develops a landing page using LESS. LESS is a CSS preprocessor. You will also learn Jumbotron showcase,Scroll Down Effect and Font Awesome Icons.

Photo Gallery - You will learn to create a Photo gallery display using components such as Grid UI and Tab Widget. You will also learn the use of Bootstrap Image Carousel and Photo Lightbox Jquery Plugin.

CMS Admin Template - Learn to build an Admin template for a content management system. You will learn the use of Bootstrap Table Classes,Glyphicons, Breadcrums and Button Groups

Web hosting Company Website - This project will teach you Bootstrap Components such as Bootswatch UI tools, Content carousel, Stack icons and stylish fonts.

E-commerce Template - Learn to build a front end of an E-commerce website. Learn components such as Tab Widget, Product Grid and Custom header.

Business Bootstrap Theme - Learn to use animation in your website with animate css. Also learn to optimize your site for mobile with this amazing project.

Blog Website - Learn to build the front end of the blog with components such as Dropdown menu, Contact form, Carousel Thumbnails & Grid View.

With all this projects under your back you can build almost anything with Bootstrap. So click that Enroll button and see you on the other side.

[100% Off] Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success|Worth 90$

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[100% Off] Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success|Worth 90$


The essential things you need to know to help you make a success of becoming self-employed, setting up your own business and/or going freelance. This course gives you Insights and strategies draw from over 25 years experience running my own marketing and consultancy business and working with successful entrepreneurs and business owners in many industry sectors.

This is not stuff you will find in a business text book. The "20 Essentials for Success" are distilled from years of practical business experience. I also provide tips from 12 other successful business owners: I asked each of them to give three pieces of advice they would pass on to someone wanting to start their own business.

Starting your own business or going freelance is a big decision, hopefully one that will change your life forever in a very positive way. But that journey can be difficult and challenging, and taking this course is one of the steps you can take to help you maximise your chances of success.

The four hours of video content is supported by a written transcripts of the audio lectures, quizzes and some option a short assignments to help you start applying the ideas on the course to your own business.

At the end of the course you should have a more clearly focussed business idea, a better appreciation of what running your own business is really like and a understanding of the personal qualities you need to develop to maximise your chances of success.

The course is aimed at anyone who are considering going freelance or working for themselves for the first time - either full or part-time.

[100% Off] 7Search CPA Marketing A-Z: 7 Figure Search| Worth 25$

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[100% Off] 7Search CPA Marketing A-Z: 7 Figure Search| Worth 25$


Welcome to 7 Figure Search!

As a member you have full access to this crash course on promoting CPA offers with 7 Search.

The 7 Figure Search Course consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: 7Search CPA

In this module you'll learn about CPA marketing. CPA stands for cost per action and is the one of the easiest ways to make money online as an affiliate.

You'll also learn about one of the best places to promote CPA offers, 7Search.  7Search's underground PPC search network has been a well known secret of top affiliate marketers for years. In this module we'll expose it to you.

We'll show you how to get started right with 7search as well as touch on what types of offers you should promote when you're starting out for maximum clicks.

Module 2: 7Search Campaigns

In this module you'll learn how to use some of the unique features in the 7Search Dashboard from tracking your conversions all the way to blocking certain types of "bad traffic" from seeing your ads.

We'll show you a neat trick to picking the proper keywords for your campaigns as well as how to avoid negative keywords.

Finally you'll learn a winning bidding system you can use in 7Search to outrank your competitors and skyrocket your success.

Module 3: 7Search Ads

In this module you'll learn the secret to scaling up in search marketing, improving your ads.

We'll show you how to use a unique feature in 7Search to keep your ad on the top of the search results.

You'll also learn how to schedule your ads for maximum effectiveness and exposure. The timing of your ads can make or break your campaigns.

Finally we'll show you the best types of CPA ads you can run on 7Search to get the most bang for your buck.

We've only included what we think are the most important factors in promoting CPA offers on 7Search.

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

To Your Success,

Barry North

[100% Off] Closed Captions Training #1 - Do Correct CC Files for Amazon| Worth 35$

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[100% Off] Closed Captions Training #1 - Do Correct CC Files for Amazon| Worth 35$


Amazon Video Direct Training Course 1 - Learn to do Closed Captions correctly right at the beginning.  Amazon wants Closed Captions!

- 42 minutes long but it feels like it's only 20 minute long.

- Short and to the Point!  Get to Work Quickly!  Don't be left behind! Enjoy!


Rosa's Online School:

  • Teaching 22 Courses on Business Successes - Udemy, Kindle, Skillshare!
  • Teaching 42 Courses on Music & Piano Courses!

OVER 25,000 Successful students have already taken my online courses since July 2014 with 877 - 5 Star Reviews

Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016


IMPORTANT:  Amazon Video Direct wants Perfect Closed Caption Files.

Do you know why Amazon is not approving your closed caption files?

Do you know why your CC files keep getting  'publishing errors'?

You are not uploading the Right CC files onto the Amazon Video Direct Platform.

Amazon support does not have the time to explain to you what is wrong with your CC files. You need to upload the correct CC files to get approved.

You need to understand the differences in the following terms:

1.  Closed Captions

2.  Open Captions

3.  Subtitles

Here is a course at my students request so that you can make the right kind of Closed Caption Files immediately.

If you do not know the difference between Closed Captions, Subtitles and Open Captions, then this training course is exactly what you need. Otherwise you are going to waste your time doing CC and only to get rejected by Amazon after each upload.

It takes Amazon at least 2 weeks to go over your files to approve your videos to go live on the platform.

  • Don't waste your precious time anymore. 
  • Get everything correct from the beginning so that you don't waste your time waiting around and only to find out that your CC files are rejected.

Learn to do everything RIGHT at the start for your business.

In this course, I include 2 Free Resource Tools for you to get your CC done immediately.

Tool 1 -  Free Open Subtitle Software

Tool 2  - You Tube Platform

Final CC Edit - Combine Tool 1 & Tool 2!



[100% Off] Obtain A Profitable Job By Studying Chemistry| Worth 20$

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[100% Off] Obtain A Profitable Job By Studying Chemistry| Worth 20$



  • Are you one of the high school students and still not sure what is the appropriate specialization for you in university study, which provides you an opportunity to obtain a well-paid job???
  • Are you parents and looking for a brilliant future for your Children???
  • Do you like science but you are not sure which specialization will be the most suitable for you???
  • Do you Like Chemistry but don’t know How to learn it and is it difficult or easy???
  • Do you Like Chemistry but don't know what jobs that Chemist can get it???
  • Are you Confused by the range of chemistry qualifications on offer???

There are many reasons why you might want to study chemistry.

Chemistry can be learned and studied easily if you followed the guidelines in this course.

Studying Chemistry not only enables the student to gain a better understanding of the many ways chemistry affects everyday life; chemistry degrees also provide an excellent qualification towards a whole host of careers within industry, If there is one type of study which almost guarantees employment of some kind or another, it is chemistry. Vacancies are constantly available in companies ranging from small local outfits to multi-national chemical companies and research centers.

In fact. They are a lot of Chances for chemists to obtain a profitable jobs:

  1. Working In Pharmaceutical Field
  2. Working In Research
  3. Working In sales
  4. Working In Schools as a teacher
  5. Work as Assistant Professor
  6. Extra more Options - to work as a Chemist

So as we see they are a lot of options available for the chemists and this makes chemistry major very nice to be studied.

If You just love chemistry!!!! OR Whatever the reason you have for thinking about studying chemistry further, ENROLL in this course to help you learn more about the opportunities it can offer you.

Hey, am  Mohammad Abualrub, I have PhD in Chemistry and am Expert in pharmaceutical Industry +8Years & Expert in teaching Chemistry +4Years.

In this Course we will cover the following:

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: What Is Chemistry

Section 3: How To Learn Chemistry

Section 4: Career Opportunities in Chemistry

Section 5: How To Find A Job

Section 6: Conclusion

Udemy has an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! I will stress this as well and stand behind this course, if you feel that you have gained NO VALUE at all within 30 days, I will personally guarantee you a Refund! I am confident in what I have created.

Lets start success together! Click on the “take this course" link at the top right of this page right NOW! Don't let another minute go by not living your dreams.

Dr Mohammad Abualrub
PhD in Chemistry Expert in pharmaceutical Industry +8Years & Expert in teaching Chemistry +4Years.

[100% Off] Adobe Photoshop CC Retouching and Effects Masterclass| Worth 95$

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[100% Off] Adobe Photoshop CC Retouching and Effects Masterclass| Worth 95$


LEARN PORTRAIT PHOTO PHOTOSHOP EDITING FOR FUN OR PROFIT! Many of my university students have went on to become full-time wedding photographers or do portrait photography on the side for extra income. Learn the industry-standard portrait photo editing techniques today!

THIS IS LIKE 5 COURSES IN 1 ULTIMATE COURSE: Portrait Corrections, Portrait Retouching, RAW Retouching, Portrait Stylizing and Special Effects, and Advanced Black-and-White Conversions.

This is the course that can teach you everything you need to know to advance in portrait photography Photoshop editing, whether you're a professional photographer looking to offer more services to clients and increase income, or a hobbyist looking to improve personal photos.

Ever wonder how portrait photographers have compelling portfolio photos? Or how magazine models look so flawless in those feature stories and covers? Or how that black-and-white photo jumps from the page with such detailed tonality and sharpness? Or how that couple's wedding photos feature that "pop out of the frame" special effect?

In this course, I've included the essential techniques to succeed in portrait photography Photoshop editing, including

  • Relevant color, lighting, and composition corrections
  • Effective retouching techniques
  • Stylistic adjustment techniques
  • Improved black-and-white conversions
  • Special effects and edits to offer as a bonus to your clients

These are methods you can use to improve your own photos for fun, or you can apply them to photos in your portfolio to attract more clients. Add excitement and interest to engagement photos, wedding photos, professional and executive photos, maternity photos, and all the other various categories of portrait photos.

This course will not just help you retouch photos that you’re already taking for a client. It also has the potential to help you land more customers, and add more photo enhancing services to your business.

Enrollment in this course includes access to hours of follow-along lectures where students “learn by doing.”

Signing up for the course also includes

  • Access to the discussion forums (for discussion and posting links to your portrait photos that you’ve been working on so fellow students and I can critique and give feedback!)
  • Access to all future lectures that are added to this course (that may be a result of questions from the discussions forums) or new techniques related to portrait photography
  • Discount coupons for other new courses that I launch
  • Free support files to follow along in the lectures (most of the lectures feature the same photos available for download, but students are free to use their own photos of course)
  • Besides over 5 hours of lectures, I also include quizzes to assess your learning, and some helpful handouts on file formats, color terminology, Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, and a portrait retouching checklist.

See my bio on this page for more of my educational and professional background.

Let's get started learning and creating!

[100% Off] Financial Modeling for Startups & Small businesses| Worth 195$

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[100% Off] Financial Modeling for Startups & Small businesses| Worth 195$


Reasons why you should create a financial model for your startup or small business.  A good financial model can help you:

  1. Test your assumptions and verify key drivers of your business
  2. Compare and contrast different business choices, like pricing models
  3. Calculate the ACTUAL amount of capital you need to startup
  4. Calculate your burn rate
  5. Model out your user growth 
  6. Model out your expenses
  7. Be more prepared talking to potential investors
  8. And loads more.

Building a financial model isn't just a vanity exercise. When done right, it could help you better understand your business, whether it's a startup or an existing business you're growing.

But it's not easy and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Even if you have little to no finance background, if you're going to be starting or running a business, this is a skill you need to have.

But financial modeling requires the right tools and the right approach.

We're going to show you how to do that with a wide variety of examples and exercises.  But we'll also be teaching general best practices that will help you, no matter what you'll be building your financial models for in the future.

Why learn from us?

By signing up with us, you will be learning from two highly rated instructors that have a combined student count of over 120,000 students and 8,000 review!

Check out our profiles and see that we take care of your students and deliver the goods.

Evan has extensive startup experience and previously worked as a venture capitalist, where he evaluated 100's of startups that trying to convince him to invest in them.

Symon also has startup experience in both tech and brick & mortar businesses. Previously he built tons of models while working in mergers and acquisitions as well as in private equity.  And he's helped dozens of startups build financial models across a dozen different business models and industries.

Together, we pull directly from our experience and put it in this course--in fact, two of the case studies use the ACTUAL financial models used to raise funding.  The other case studies are inspired by well known startups you're sure to recognize.

How is this different from Symon's Intro to Financial Modeling Course?

The Intro to Financial Modeling course taught by Symon He and Brandon Young is an introductory course on financial modeling that presents a general overview covering the topic and is more relevant to those who wish to explore finance as a career option or those who want to understand financial modeling in a corporate context.

This course is all about financial modeling for startup businesses so it's more geared towards entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to better understand the key drivers of a new or growing business.

There is almost zero overlap.  Even though both courses introduce a lemonade stand as an example, those examples and models are quite different as they serve very different purposes.

What if I don't have any finance or Excel background?

No worries! This course isn't an Excel or Finance course, although you will learn a bit of both.  We focus more on the rationale and the logic of modeling specifically for startups or growing businesses, so you can take what you learn to other spreadsheet tools.

But it will take practice.  You won't get better just watching the videos.  That's why have lots of practice exercises and sample models for you to learn from.

What will I be able to do after I take your course?

After taking our course, you will be:

  • Able to confidently build financial models for your startup or new business from scratch
  • Able to apply the best financial modeling practices and techniques
  • Able to read and understand other financial models by looking at lots of practice models and case studies
  • Able to leverage financial modeling to help you make smarter choices about your business.
  • Able to learn a new skill set that you can take with you for any and every business venture you take up in the future.

Why lemonade stand example?

Because learning how to model on its own is tough enough but learning it while also having to learn a new business model makes it even harder.

But, even with a simple business model such as a lemonade stand, you'll be surprised by how complex and sophisticated the analysis could become.

And since this is all about modeling for startups and new businesses, this example is different from the one in the Intro to Financial Modeling course.

Tell me again why I should take your course?

You have absolutely ZERO risk.

Udemy gives you a solid as an oak tree 30-day money back guarantee.

So if you've read this far, we welcome you to join us inside.

[100% Off] LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Generate High Quality Leads| Worth 150$

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[100% Off] LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Generate High Quality Leads| Worth 150$


Are you wondering how is it that some people use LinkedIn to generate high quality leads? Would you like to do that yourself instead of having to use methods like cold calling?

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. LinkedIn is constantly changing its features and tools, with this course you will get lifetime access to all the new lectures and to all the updates of the course. So that you can always stay on top of the new ways to generate leads on LinkedIn.
  2. You will have your own LinkedIn lead generation coach at your disposal to ask questions on the course, and we will respond thoughtfully to every single one of them.
  3. This is not a course about “social media”, this is a very specific course about highly targeted, high quality LEAD GENERATION strategy using LinkedIn. You will leave the course with an specific set of techniques that have been tested, and I have used them over and over again for myself and my clients in the last five years. You will learn how to implement these strategies for your business so that you too can position yourself as a thought leader in front of 2,000-6,000 of your ideal leads, and nurture them so that they know who you are. This LinkedIn lead generation system will allow you to create top of mind awareness in front of your ideal leads, so that whenever they are ready to buy, you can be the first person they think of.

This system will teach you the most effective LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy.

You will discover how to optimize the time you invest on LinkedIn so that instead of you been a lead, you become the one that generates leads. You will learn how to build a network of hundreds or thousands of your ideal prospective clients, and how to nurture the relationship with them so that they are more open to talking to you. You will be able to grow your first degree connections targeting specifically those who are your ideal clients, and you will do it in a way that is fast, efficient, and most of all that will help you build relationships.

Join this program now and you will discover how to position your brand in front of your clients and yourself as a thought leader. While everyone else focus on Facebook, you will take your brand to the next level on the real place to do B2B deals, LinkedIn.



[100% Off] The Complete YouTube Course 2017: Go from Beginner to Expert|Worth 195$

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[100% Off] The Complete YouTube Course 2017: Go from Beginner to Expert|Worth 195$


If you want to be successful on YouTube, you will love this Udemy course! When you take this course now, you'll have lifetime access to the strategies responsible for bringing me more than 11 million YouTube views and 133,000+ subscribers. You will also learn exactly how the big YouTubers have managed to become internet celebrities and how they needed the 'Big Bang' to propel them into YouTube stardom!

If you apply what you learn in this course, you will become a successful YouTuber! There are certain ways you can become well-known and earn a substantial amount from YouTube for what you know and how you present it!

This YouTube course contains everything I know and have applied to my own channel. I spent the last 2 years testing, testing, tweaking, improving and eventually getting to a high level on YouTube. You have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free. But the most important thing is that you will be given an understanding what unlocks the 'Big Bang' for YouTubers. And with the help of YouTube Ads, you can accelerate the process in a way that was not available when the famous YouTubers started on here. There are YouTubers that have been able to achieve 700,000+ subscribers in just 7 months, and you will see the proof that fast success is achievable on this course if you put the effort in.

I have designed this YouTube course to help you learn the best of what I have learnt followed by step-by-step live tutorials to help you implement them. There are 8+ hours of HD video to help you succeed with YouTube right now.

  • See inside my YouTube account
  • See everything that I've done to get 117,000+ subscribers and 9 million views
  • See the basic and simple set up I have to make videos
  • Go from basic to expert in editing and YouTube SEO
  • Get my assistance whenever you have a question or query
  • Get access to every update that I will make to this course

To become a student, click the “take this course” button to enrol. You risk nothing with Udemy's unconditional, 30 day money-back guarantee, so all that leaves is your time.

Don't delay, every minute could be costing you subscribers and revenue.

mardi 28 mars 2017

[90% Off] Chakra Healing Course + Guided Meditations-Energy Healing| Worth 45$

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[100% Off] Chakra Healing Course + Guided Meditations-Energy Healing| Worth 45$

Course Description

Perhaps you work long hours? Are a busy parent juggling a lot of tasks? A practicing healer looking for another way to amplify your efforts? Or just can't focus that easily on your own? Regardless of the situation, I created this course so anybody can learn, especially for those who don't have a lot of time to put towards meditation and self-reflection.

What to expect

In this course, you'll learn how to identify the issues at hand, understand how they're related to blocked energy areas in your body, then be able to focus on clearing the associated Chakra(s), so you can feel better, fast! What's more, you don't need any experience to learn these simple techniques - and - they're quick and easy!

Please note that this is not an intricately 'in-depth' course on Chakras, it's a course to help you easily learn and quickly implement healing, be it on yourself or others!

The course covers the basics about what energy healing is, teaches what chakras are and how they're connected to your physical being, and then guides you to use the provided micro-meditations for each area in order to 'heal on demand'!

If you're an existing certified healer in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to easily utilise these techniques with your clients! As such, existing healers have the option to receive a customised Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG) which you can add to your list of existing accomplishments!

As with all my courses, I've designed this one to be self-paced and completely digital, so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. Using the tools I provide here, if you only have a few minutes every now and then, even that will do you a world of good!

Once enrolled, just download the short course handbook, written by Melissa: Chakra Healing on Demand - A Quick Course in Using Micro-Meditations to Heal (PDF). The book is set up in a 'quick reference' style, so you can get right to what you need to do without having to 'dig' for the information! There is a Human Chakra Poster (PDF) to download so you can quickly learn Chakra locations and then identify the areas of concern.

The true core of this course are the seven (7) lovely Chakra Micro-meditation audios (MP3). Once you download and listen when needed, they'll be the key to helping you feel better fast! Even if you skip everything else and just use those meditations, they're quick, easy (and relaxing!) and will guide you towards unblocking that specific location of concern. You can use them as often as you like and for practicing healers - you can even use them as part of (or in conjunction with) your existing services!

What's more, I provide you with the wonderful additional learning tools such as Inspirational Posters for each Chakra (7 in total - in PDF and JPG) to download and use as screen savers, desktop backgrounds, or to even print out!  You'll receive the Meditation Scripts for each Micro-meditation audio to use if you'd like to record your own meditation, or to use to read aloud to friends, family or your clients! You'll also be able to download my 5 Minute Guided Meditation (via lecture and MP3 download) to help relax in stressful times. And then to top it off - I've combined all the micro-meditations into a single, beautiful longer "All Chakras" meditation audio (MP3) for when you're able to spend a little bit more time on healing yourself! The "All Chakras" meditation can be used as a general healing tool, or just as an ongoing meditation - almost like 'maintenance' for your mind, body and soul!

Once you've gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, you'll be have all the tools you need to identify issues with your Chakras - and to clear them! From there, if you're an existing certified healing practitioner (of any other modality) and want to receive my customised Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG), just complete the short questionnaire at the end of the course!

Some of the additional benefits of this course include being able to create more 'mental space' in short periods of time, release stress, be more centred and calm in your everyday life, achieve more spiritual awareness and even be able to attract abundance into your life - and much more! Remember, if you (or your client) can feel better - even for a moment - that's one moment our glorious world is more harmonious than it was before!

Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you'll have lifetime access to it!

Important Note: Melissa will need to obtain a digital copy of your previous healing certificate, real name & email address via the Chakra Healing Course questionnaire in order to create and email your customised certificate to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your certificate to be emailed to you. Your details remain confidential and are only used in the digital delivery of your certificate.

[94% Off] WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap| Worth 175$

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[94% Off] WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap| Worth 175$

Course Description

Course Updated on July 18th, 2016

The final course files now include the latest version of Bootstrap and WordPress, for your convenience.

- - -

Do you want to supercharge your HTML, CSS & PHP knowledge and learn how to turn them into a real business that can make you more money as a freelancer?

Whether you're a freelance designer, entrepreneur, employee for a company, code hobbyist, or looking for a new career — this course gives you an immensely valuable skill that will enable you to either:

Make money on the side

So you can save up for that Hawaiian vacation you've been wanting, help pay off your debt, your car, your mortgage, or simply just to have bonus cash laying around.

Create a full-time income

WordPress developers have options. Many developers make a generous living off of creating custom WordPress themes and selling them on websites like ThemeForest. Freelance designers and developers can also take on WordPress projects and make an extra $1,000 - $5,000+ per month.

Who Should Take This Course?

Graphic & Web Designers

Graphic designers are extremely talented, but ask them to code their designs and they'll freeze up! This leaves them with no other choice but to hire a web developer. Any professional graphic designers knows web developers can be expensive.

If you're a designer, learning to code your own WordPress websites can change your business entirely! Now, not only are you a great designer, but you're a skillful developer, too! This puts you in a position tomake an extra $1,000 – $5,000 per project.


Entrepreneurs have big dreams, and in many cases, shoestring budgets. In order to survive in the cut-throat world of the Startup company, it's a necessity to have a world-class website. However, world-class websites come with a large price tag.

If you can learn how to build a high-quality startup website by yourself, then you've just saved yourself a lot of cash, tens of thousands of dollars in many cases.

Employees of a company

Any company knows the education & training of their employees is key to a thriving team.

Depending on the type of company you work for, if you understand how to code, and can develop CMS driven websites, that gives you negotiating power for a better position, or a higher salary.

Code Hobbyists

It's fun to learn challenging new skills. Code hobbyists can add dynamic websites to their arsenal of tools to play with — you can even sell WordPress themes and plugins for cash! The possibilities are truly endless.

People Looking for a New Career

Are you out of work? Looking for a more rewarding job? Desire a career that can allow you to work almost anywhere in the world? Becoming a Web Developer might be the answer for you.

Web developers are paid well, anywhere from $33,000 to more than $105,000 per year. They get to work at amazing companies that are changing the world, or they enjoy the ability to start their own companies, become location-independent and work from home, from coffee shops, in an airplane, on the beach, or wherever they want!

Final Project Features

Throughout this entire course, you work towards building an incredibly beautiful, 100% custom website using the Bootstrap framework. The coolest part? The Bootstrap website doesn't look anything like the Bootstrap websites you see all over the Internet. It's a highly customized design, and the type of website layout I use when I build custom WordPress websites for my real-life clients.

The final project features:

Sexy & Modern Design

You get to work with a modern, professional quality design & layout.

Quality HTML5 & CSS3

You'll learn how hand-craft a stunning website with valid, semantic and beautiful HTML5 & CSS3.

Easy-to-use CMS

Allow your clients to easily update their websites by converting your static websites to dynamic websites, using WordPress.

You can dramatically increase your efficiency, and supercharge your web development skills. And by doing so, you'll effectively be able to take on more projects, charge higher rates, and make more money as a freelancer.

Why take this course?

I don't mess around. I do this for a living, and I'm sharing you my exact process for making a comfortable living as a work-from-home web developer. There is absolutely no filler in this course, no fluff, just 100% quality content, nothing less. If you take this course, follow my lead, and take action — I guarantee you will not only love the course, but you'll see real results; you will have the skills & confidence to take on WordPress projects for clients, charge more money, and make the value of the course back in a single project. If you hate the course (which you won't) you have 30-days to get a 100% refund — no risk, no problem.

Stop wasting time, and come learn with me! Enroll today!

[100% Off] YouTube Masterclass - Your Complete Guide to YouTube| Worth 200$

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[100% Off] YouTube Masterclass - Your Complete Guide to YouTube| Worth 200$

Course Description

You're here because you want to create a popular YouTube Channel, right?

Maybe you're brand new to YouTube, or maybe you have some experience but need help growing your existing channel.

YouTube is the perfect place to grow your own brand, drive traffic to your website, and earn money from YouTube ads and your product and service promotions. And this is the perfect course for you to jumpstart your YouTube Channel.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Phil and I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular online courses - with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like this:

I love the fact that everyone is very open and transparent on what we, as students, can expect! - Mike Repluk

So far it seems really in depth, but split up well enough that learning from it is easy, as it's bitesize chunks per lecture. really like that they give you activities to do every now and again, as it keeps up your momentum, and ensures you don't just passively watch, and then forget everything. Good job with an excellent course! - Alexander Straker

I always get great information from Phil Ebiner's courses. I consider him a distant mentor. - Azeez Salu

The instructors are very in depth and there tips and coverage of how the creator studio works is awesome. I would recommend this to people wanting to get started making money with YouTube. - Jonathan Scott

My Promise to You

I'm a full time online instructor. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.

I want to make this the best course on how to build your YouTube channel. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

If you're looking to grow your own brand, GET MORE VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS, or start a channel from scratch, this is the perfect course for you!

Whatever your motivation to start a YouTube channel, you’ve come to the right place.

The YouTube Masterclass is THE most comprehensive, action-packed, YouTube-enhancing course you’ll find on the internet - or your money back.

It's the one place with everything you need to start creating professional videos that get thousands of views & subscribers, and ultimately make you money!

The YouTube Masterclass is a fast and effective course that takes you from zero skills to a complete YouTube channel with high quality videos, views, and subscribers.

While there are plenty of YouTube courses that focus on specific aspects of building a YouTube channel, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for complete beginners and anyone that needs to rapidly grow their YouTube audience.

This course is designed for anyone who makes videos (or wants to make videos) and wants to grow their brand with a YouTube channel. So if you're a complete newbie or someone with a channel that needs help, you're in the right place.

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

  • Start a channel from scratch
  • Get views without subscribers
  • Turn viewers into subscribers
  • Create videos on a budget
  • Navigate the YouTube platform
  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Post and optimize your video with great titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails
  • Grow your brand through YouTube videos
  • Improve your channel by using analytics
  • Make money with your YouTube videos - with ads, products and services, sponsors, and crowdfunding
  • Use best practices for creating and growing a YouTube channel

Improve Your YouTube Channel, Get More Views & Subscribers, and Make More Money

Regardless of what your level of experience is or what type of camera you use, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to launch a successful YouTube channel.

Whether you want to make a channel to promote your business, teach a skill, or just share your life story through vlogs, by understanding what makes a YouTube channel successful, you can replicate and get more views, more subscribers, and make money on your own. This course shows you exactly how to do it.

Contents and Overview

This course is aimed at teaching new YouTubers what it takes to create great videos and make money from them. Most lessons are hands-on tutorials where we walk you through not only what it takes to succeed, but where we show you exactly how to do it.

You'll start with the basics - the best practices for all YouTubers. These tips will get you in the mindset of a YouTuber.

You'll learn how to use the YouTube platform. You’ll sign up for an account, get verified as a YouTube partner, and know how to navigate the Creator Studio.

You’ll then learn how to make great videos with professional and budget equipment. You’ll learn how to shoot a great video with any camera, how to record great audio, how to light videos with a cheap DIY setup, and how to edit videos efficiently.

After learning how to create amazing videos, you’ll learn how to post them to your YouTube channel with great titles, descriptions, and tags that are SEO friendly and will get you the most views. You’ll even learn how to design and upload a custom thumbnail that increases your views. You’ll learn other optimization strategies to get the most views and subscribers.

By learning how to use analytics, you’ll know which videos work and which videos don’t. This will help you rapidly grow your YouTube channel with smart video creation - only making videos that you know will work.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to make money with YouTube. There are a number of ways that you will learn how to make money with your YouTube videos including with ads, YouTube Red, digital and physical products, sponsorship, and crowdfunding.

By the end of this course, you will have a YouTube channel that you are proud of. You’ll be making high quality videos that your audience loves. You’ll be getting more and more subscribers to increase your brand strength. And you’ll be making money from your YouTube channel.

About the instructors:

Phil Ebiner started teaching online courses in 2012, and now has over 110,000 happy students on Udemy learning all sorts of skills from photography to video making. Phil started his YouTube channel in 2013 as a way to grow his own brand and is happy to share his knowledge to help you be successful.

Mike and Lauren Moyer are successful YouTubers who make a living by posting videos about personal finance, early retirement, and DIY projects. They’ve rapidly grown their YouTube channel and get thousands of views each day. Mike and Lauren have the perfect example of a successful YouTube channel, and are looking forward to helping you start your own.

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!



[100% Off] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course With Certification 2017 | Worth 20$

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[100% Off] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course With Certification 2017 | Worth 20$


This Cyber Security Training will immerse the students into an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. The lab intensive environment gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems.

Imp notice -
         ###  **** We are also giving you study material as pdf in our course . you can download it when you enroll in our course **** ###

          Students will also learn about nmap ,metasploit and other kali linux tools. When a student leaves this intensive class they will have hands on understanding and experience in Ethical Hacking.

Sunil K. Gupta 
Web Security Specialist

[100% Off] Twitter Marketing Step by Step: From 0 To 248,000 Customers|Worth 200$

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[100% Off] Twitter Marketing Step by Step: From 0 To 248,000 Customers|Worth 200$


Do you have a Killer Service, Product, or Website, but struggle to get the word out to the Right Potential Customers?

Looking for the Best Way to Market to Hundreds of Thousands of People using very Little Money?

We've all watch those same old Twitter marketing techniques: use hashtags, speak with your followers, listen more than you talk, and a host of others that are all too obvious after using the service for more than a few days.

I'm going to skip past those and give you advanced Twitter marketing techniques that will really help your Twitter account take off. Whether you're trying to get the word out about a new piece of software or you just want people to know about your latest online sale, these are the Twitter strategies you'll want to employ.

Let me tell you My Story about Twitter

  • For me, one of the fastest ways to bring visitors and build an interested audience..
  • I personally call it magic,
  • I call it the strangest marketing phenomenon on the net,
  • The fastest and surest way to bring targeted visitors..
  • The most powerful way to build an interested Audience.
  • If I recount to you the whole series of techniques to bring Visitors from Twitter that I learned, I examined And I Developed, it exceeded a hundred studies At least
  • I'm... Twitter-fan... I love Twitter...
  • My story with Twitter is a years of work and research and development..
  • My story with twitter is the story of an artist and his painting,
  • The story of the trouble and joy..
  • It's The reason that Overthrow my view of Internet and marketing..
  • It is my list of customers that's getting bigger every day.
  • May you get a hundred thousand visitors that give you only a hundred dollars ..
  • While another get just a thousand visitors to earn three times what you earned ..
  • This is the equation.. This is the law of the game..
  • Quality is more important than quantity,
  • This is Twitter ...
  • Focused on grabbing the interested of the audience.
  • Focused on grabbing the interested audience about a specific problem..

To show you a small example of my success with twitter

I started using those techniques from 2011 to 2013 by one task a week when twitter was more difficult to respect their rules (now it is very easy to use twitter)

Let me give you my confidential statistic of how much money I make per month only from one twitter account with 250k target followers by auto sharing my blog posts and affiliate links, I get more than $100 from Google Adsense, and more than $700 from affiliate links.

So find out the secret to doing this with Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques!

This Course shows you how to leverage Twitter to gain outstanding success in marketing with zero out of pocket expense. You'll be able to secure high value clients while building a truly interested and engaged audience from this social media powerhouse.

Focusing more on quality than quantity, Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques offers you the secrets to gaining followers who fit your specific criteria – folks who have challenges that are directly solved by your product or service!

And by using the techniques in this course, (Three Minutes a Day) you'll continue to grow your customer base by over 300 followers each day.

[100% Off] Speak like a TED speaker! The ABC's of Public Speaking| Worth 25$

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[100% Off] Speak like a TED speaker! The ABC's of Public Speaking| Worth 25$


Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought "I want to be that guy"? This course will teach you how to speak like a TED speaker! Instructed by a TEDx expert, structuring public speaking, making it easy as ABC!  After training dozens of TEDx speakers, organizing severals events and giving a Talk myself, Iv'e found the best way to teach you how to speak just like a TED speaker!

Being a teacher and trainer for more than 15 years Ive developed an easy public speaking system I call :"The ABC's of public speaking", making public speaking a simple template based process, this course will teach you how to use it.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

*prepare a proper presentation for work, school or a business pitch.

*Streamline your story to create an effective TED like talk.

*Have a structured templates You can use again and again with any public speaking opportunity.

Content and overview

*This course will cover several public speaking techniques bonded together to create one coherent system of preparing any presentation, with or without visual aids, scrips or a stage.

*You will be given the right tools to deal with daily mishaps and technical issues common in public speaking and presentations and how to avoid them.

*You will get the best practicing tools to perfect your public speaking

[100% Off] How To Grow Your Confidence & Self-Esteem & Change Your Life| Worth 75$

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[100% Off] How To Grow Your Confidence & Self-Esteem & Change Your Life| Worth 75$


Confidence - are you either born with it or born without it?

As an extremely shy, introverted kid, I lacked confidence.

Confident people were just naturally born confident - or so I thought.

But over the years, through a variety of situations in my life, I was able to gain tremendous, "unshakable" confidence in myself.

So, I can plainly say that confidence is something that can be learned! (because I learned it!)

In this breakthrough course, you will discover real-world confidence strategies that gave me tremendous personal power, self-esteem and confidence in life, through a variety of situations, careers and businesses.

I will detail these strategies, step-by-step, so you can take them and make them yours, gaining in confidence as you go and changing your life in the process.

Loaded with 6 case studies and 10 confidence boosting strategies, this course walks you, step-by-step through:

  • Understanding what confidence is
  • Understanding how confidence works
  • Knowing how to grow your personal confidence
  • Using proven confidence boosting strategies

And, I share these strategies in story form so that you'll always remember them and be able to implement them from now on.

I went from completely lacking confidence to being super-confident using these strategies and went on to build several highly-successful businesses.

Just by taking this course you will get a confidence boost as we destroy the myths about self-esteem, confidence and personal power and give you the real truth about what it takes to grow in confidence.

Take notes and get ready to implement the strategies that have worked so well for me - this course can change your life!

Check out some of the free preview lectures below and enroll today - your enrollment is backed by Udemy's 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee!

Now that's something you can have confidence in!

[100% Off] Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course| Worth 100$

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[100% Off] Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course| Worth 100$


Join the course and begin designing creatures today!

Do you want to learn how to design creatures for game and film like an industry pro? Or maybe you’re on a quest to start making money as concept artist? In any case you’ve come to the right place.

The 'Ultimate Creature Design Course' will show you how to create interesting and believable creatures that will stand up as professional work. The techniques taught in this course can be translated into any program from Photoshop to Manga Studio to paper and pencil. This course will enhance or give you skills in the world of creature design - or your money back!

The course is your track to building a solid portfolio of creature designs and concept art! Whether for your own content or for other peoples projects.

This course will take you from having little knowledge in designing creatures to creating professional concept art in as little as one week.

So what else is in it for you?

You’ll be taken from basic animal anatomy to believable and original creatures, from beginner to expert

You’ll gain instant access to all of the course. You’ll also gain access to all of my files I create though out the course for you to use how ever you like. These assets can be used to study and trace over or as inspiration and reference for your own paintings.

The course is setup to quickly take you through step by step, the process of creating interesting creature designs. It will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning images and concept art!

This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

I will be here for you every step of the way!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to start creating today!

[100% Off] CPA Marketing A-Z: CPA Secret Formulas Revealed| Worth 20$

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[100% Off] CPA Marketing A-Z: CPA Secret Formulas Revealed| Worth 20$


UPDATE: This course is completely updated and current through 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: The price for this course will be going up in April 2017!

So get in now at this lowest price possible (allowed on Udemy platform).

Over 2500 students have joined this course... so thank you to each and

every one of them! Do not miss out, join them today!



As a member you have full access to this crash course on creating highly profitable CPA Campaigns.

The CPA Secret Formulas Revealed Course consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: CPA Quickstart

In this module you’ll learn everything you need to now to get started right now to make money with CPA marketing.  We’ll start by giving you several reasons why you should try CPA if you haven’t already and we’ll give you a list of some of the most popular networks.

CPA networks are sometimes difficult to get accepted to, and in this module you’ll learn some cool strategies to make sure you’re accepted immediately after applying.

Finally, we’ll walk you through how to pick profitable CPA offers.  Most people spend too much time on this part of the process; we’ll show you how to quickly find your big money makers – right from the start!

Module 2: CPA Online Methods

In this module you’ll learn about 3 of the best methods we’ve found for generating profits with CPA on the internet.

You’ll learn a neat trick to make sure people click on your links as well as how to leverage existing websites to swipe traffic and watch the money roll in.

Online is the first place you should start with your campaigns; once you’ve mastered these CPA secrets, it’s time to move offline...

Module 3: CPA Offline Methods

In this module you’ll learn ninja tactics to making massive profits with CPA right in your backyard!

First you’ll learn three of our favorite methods to leveraging CPA traffic in your city that other people are paying for.

And if you’re looking to do CPA full time, we’ll show you in a special bonus video how to take to the streets and take your CPA domination to a whole nother level.

We've only included what we think are the most important factors in generating massive profits with your CPA campaigns...

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

To Your Success,

Barry North

[100% Off] PHP in Action for beginners|Worth 200$

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[100% Off] PHP in Action for beginners|Worth 200$


Explore PHP learn about common PHP functionality for better coding.

Basic understanding of PHP is a prerequeist to this course, it is designed for beignners with PHP understanding.  The course covers common PHP coding questions in addition to useful code examples.

Review with examples of common PHP questions.  Build upon the basics of PHP with this next steps course to help you learn more about what PHP can do and how you can create your own applications.  Experience the power of PHP

Explore PHP, within the course we demonstrate some of the most commonly used PHP code.  Course centers around common mistakes that beginners make and useful functionality to help you code more productively.

This fast paced course includes all the source code used within the course, in addition to fully explained examples, and links to the top resources to get you coding quickly.  Jump right and and start writing PHP code.  The course is taught by a web developer with over 15 years of PHP coding experience.   Find answers to common questions about PHP.  Learn to write PHP for the real world!

  • See PHP in action and explore different ways to output content into HTML for web users.
  • Discover the difference between echo and print and how to use them
  • Examples of different number types
  • Var dump for more information about variables
  • Common errors and how to debug them
  • Server variables, includes, deleting files and variables
  • Working with arrays
  • The power of string functions
  • Plus a whole lot more

PHP is a perfect scripting language for beginners, learn how to use it and see it in action.  Examples and script demonstrations to get you started quickly.

Learn more about PHP, I'm ready to answer any questions you may have.  Start creating your own PHP applications today.

[100% Off] Explosive Penny Stock Basics - Trading Millionaire Knowledge| Worth 200$

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[100% Off] Explosive Penny Stock Basics - Trading Millionaire Knowledge| Worth 200$


**Course fully updated for March 2017**

This Course Explains the Basics to Investing in Penny Stocks.

Experts Explains penny stocks as stocks with a share cost under a specific price, for the most part under $5 per share. Although some beginners like to invest in these cheap high Growth stocks, their low share prices often come with more risk. In This Course I am discussing the most common steps on how to invest in penny stocks in a smart and profitable way.

If you are planning to Invest in Penny Stock then it's a good idea to understand the risks before you open a hundreds or even thousands of dollars Brokerage Account to trade Penny Stocks.

Penny stocks often have a low share price because of specific situations. This Course helps you to Look out for certain warning signs to spot Pump & Dump in penny stocks.

From 24 Lectures you learn tips and dangers of Penny Stocks.

This Course Explains How to Buy Penny Stocks & How to pick the Best Penny Stocks.

This course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days.

It will take you approximately 1 to 2 hours to go through the theory and i recommend you to test them on Demo Account; Just to get the feel of using them.

[100% Off] How Rich 1% Cut Taxes & Pay lower Tax then You - US Focused| Worth 200$

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[100% Off] How Rich 1% Cut Taxes & Pay lower Tax then You - US Focused| Worth 200$


US Focused Course

This Course Covers US Tax Laws only.

Do you know you are paying far higher taxes.


Because you don't know how to apply for Tax Credits.

What is Tax Credits?

All Tax Laws mentions Points to Reduce Taxes on Certain Disclosures.

As the Tax Law contains Thousands of Pages therefore the Regular Citizen Doesn't know about them & Therefore Cannot claim them (Due to No Knowledge).


Me & My Friends have reduced taxes from $1000 to $10k.

Now you will be thinking how the hell?

The Tax Credit law knowledge which reduced taxes lies in this course.


Please Remember If you will do proper planing to save tax; then your Gross income will remove certain income from it under the head of investment, education or even medical bills & therefore you will cut your Tax bill.

Tax credits and deductions come and go as the Internal Revenue Service alters its rules every 5-10 years or every year. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to trim your taxes that are likely to remain applicable for a while.

People with higher incomes pay more in income tax. There are expenses you can deduct to reduce your income tax. When you claim a deduction, your taxable income is less.

Here are some examples of when you can claim a deduction on your income tax:

  • IRA
  • I support a family member for future Education.
  • The other parent and I both work full-time and we have childcare expenses.
  • I give money to a charity.
  • I had to move to be closer to my job.
  • I have medical expenses not covered by my medical insurance.
  • And Other Stuff to Reduce Taxes & increase in Salary

[100% Off] Beauty of Dodge & Burn in Photoshop|Worth 100$

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[100% Off] Beauty of Dodge & Burn in Photoshop|Worth 100$


In this 4 Hours Course, we will be having deep view into the most important retouching technique, Dodge and Burn.

Dodging and Burning is the term that exist from the traditional Photography. Now, the basic idea behind Dodging and Burning is manipulating the level of the exposure to ''clean'' the skin as well as contour the object to give it more 3D perspective.

Possible You have heard about the Dodge and Burn. The idea behind dodging and burning isn't complicated, and it's widely used in these days photography. However in retouching we are bringing dodging and burning into another level. That was the main reason why this course was made.

Dodging and Burning is only one Non destructive technique used in Retouching. Learning this technique brings your skills to the new level of retouching, and allows you to achieve non destructive results You can see in Beauty Posters or Magazines.

In this course, we are going to work on the real examples step by step, just to make sure, students will not miss practical information about dodging and burning.

To make sure even beginners could follow, in the first part of the course You can find basic information about Dodging and Burning. As well as we are going to take care about some useful information like Brush settings, or differences between mouse and tablet.

After all of the Basics You need to know we will start working on the real examples. You are going to learn both main Dodge and Burn techniques - Grey Layer as well as Curve Adjustment Layer Dodging and Burning.


[100% Off] How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Business| Worth 200$

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[100% Off] How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Business| Worth 200$


This course will reveal to you the simplest, most straightforward formula to dominate e-commerce and make $300/day in just one week from now!

It’s safe to say that if you want to truly live the Internet Marketing lifestyle, setting up your e-commerce shop and selling products using FB ads is as close as you can get to constant passive income for years to come.

Everyday people are buying products left and right, searching for presents for their family and friends, and just eager to spend money on personalized items.

In fact, the e-commerce market has officially become a TRILLION dollar market, dwarfing any other Internet Marketing niche by 100 times.

E-commerce is a virtual goldmine, and it’s only getting better every day.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Reap the Benefits Of Having Your Own E-Commerce Business

  • Set up your own e-commerce business from home
  • Start ahead of the pack with the right niche
  • Sell & promote high quality products with Facebook Ads like a pro

Contents and Overview

This course explains how to build a highly profitable e-commerce business that brings in hundreds of dollars per day and can be scaled further.

First, you’ll learn the fundaments of setting up your e-commerce business in the first section of this training. I’ll show you which platform to select, how to create mandatory pages, the best free plugins and how to customize your online store further.

Next, we’ll cover how niche ideas, where to find great products, how to get these products onto your site and how to set up product shipping.

Then, we’ll move one to promoting your e-commerce store with Facebook ads. I’ll walk you through the process of creating your first campaign, audience research and best practices to get instant results.

Last but not least, we’ll cover how to scale your profits with retargeting, efficient email campaigns and how to outsource some of your daily tasks so you can focus on the important stuff.

[100% Off] New Thinking for Business Success (Entrepreneur & Start-Ups) | Worth 45$

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[100% Off] New Thinking for Business Success (Entrepreneur & Start-Ups) | Worth 45$


Are you a Solopreneur, freelancer or someone thinking about starting a business? In this short course I share my thinking about the new Knowledges and the New Skills required for business success going forward into the 21st Century. We still need to continue with many of the business processes of the past (not covered here) but it is important to stop and consider how new thinking, new knowledge and new skills can enhance our business longevity, wellbeing and success. The course is not about the things that (can) lead to short-term (but transient) success, but is about the things you need to THINK about and take action on, in order to achieve long-term meaningful 'success'.

Many of the ideas are deliberately provocative and thought stimulating, so if you take the course, please chip in with your own thoughts, concepts and new thinking in the discussion thread!

The course comprises several live recorded talks that have been delivered to various professional/networking groups here in the UK and the content includes:

  • How Premature Organisation prevents Conception
  • A Four Quadrant model of Knowledge 
  • A new ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ for Soloprenuers
  • A new approach to 'Health Insurance'
  • Mind Mapping as an important business skill
  • Expert Frame of Mind v the Learner Frame of Mind
  • Millionaire Teachers
  • My 5 new Knowledges for Business Success
  • A different perspective on TIME (How much have you got?)
  • Sleep time, Downtime and Brain Time

vendredi 24 mars 2017

[100% Off] Mastering Selections and Masks in Photoshop| Worth 100$

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[100% Off] Mastering Selections and Masks in Photoshop| Worth 100$


Do You want to be better at Photoshop?

There's two things about Photoshop You need to master to take your work to the next level - selections and masks. Let me explain to you in few words why they're so important.

You use selections in most of the work in Photoshop. Do you need to to cut out the object, make smooth edges, compose things into your image? You will more likely need selections to do such a tasks.

In this course we are going to start very simple - I am going to show you basic things at first like marquee tools and quick selections tools so you will be able to do simple tasks. After we master everything whats basic we will be moving to more advanced things about selectioins as well as we will make introduction into the masks - one of the most important things about photoshop.

In the second part of the course we will be mainly focused on masks which we will be using to do certain things in photoshop. At first I will show you how by using masks and color range you will be able to change background of your image. After that we will move to other creative work like working with shadows and highlights, working with colors and setting up the contrasts.

This course is must have for everyone who thinks seriously about getting into photoshop!